Professional Development

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Clinical Training Workshops

Clinical training workshops at Change Your Lead are a fun and insightful way to add even more depth and introspection to your current professional practice or graduate training.

Our workshops are an experiential way to learn about yourself as a clinician and get neutral feedback on how you are coming across to your patients - with the goal of improving patient relationships and patient satisfaction.

Participants will be introduced to Eagala model equine assisted psychotherapy, while our horses become metaphors representing clinical work.

What can horses teach you about being more mindful and attuned in your clinical practice? Join us to find out.

Come and experience the power of Eagala.

Workshops are tailored to the needs of your group.


“EAP is a wonderful model of treatment and method of self-care…”


“Earlier this year, I attended a workshop on Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) led by Dr. Angela Sherman. I was first drawn to EAP because, at first glance, it seemed to offer clients a safe space to explore complex issues such as fear, anxieties, and deeply ingrained patterns of relating to others and the world. As an art therapist who works primarily with adolescents that have experienced complex trauma, I found that EAP has many parallels with art therapy. I was apprehensive at the start of the workshop since I don't have any experience with horses, not unlike clients who are nervous about art therapy because they lack any artistic training. I found that the novel and strength-based model of EAP gave participants in our workshop the opportunity to notice how we interact with others based on how we attempted to interact with the horses. EAP is a wonderful model of treatment and method of self-care, and I hope there will be opportunities in the future for collaboration between art therapists and EAP providers.” - Amy, ATR

Unable to attend in person?