About Us


WE Provide a Venue for LEarning and Exploring

The Method


At Change Your Lead, we follow the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (Eagala) method of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning (EAP/EAL) and believe clients have their own “best answers” to life challenges. We provide a venue for learning and exploring with our horses to facilitate learning and growth.

What sets this method apart from other modalities is that it is:

  • Ground-based

  • Client-centered

  • Solution-oriented

  • Evidence-driven

To learn more about the Eagala method, you may visit their website at Eagla.org


The Benefits of EAL/EAP

  • Learn through experience

  • Horses provide a neutral source of interpersonal interaction

  • People learn and change in a variety of ways. This approach provides a different format to access your goals.


Our Team


Angela Sherman, Ph.D. 
Clinical Psychologist
(PSY 23689)

Dr. Angela Sherman is a licensed clinical psychologist with a long-standing interest in human-animal interactions and incorporating animals into therapeutic work.  She has extensive experience working with individuals with emotional and behavioral difficulties and has worked in a variety of settings including community mental health, inpatient psychiatric hospitals, schools, residential treatment and correctional facilities. She currently serves as Eagala's Research Director.
Her approach is aimed at providing a venue for individuals and groups to find solutions to the answers they seek through experiential activities with horses who provide immediate and neutral feedback. The horses react to each person’s approach and not their history, diagnosis or credentials. 
Dr. Sherman and her team were invited to offer the first-ever, equine-based wellness workshop at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.  Esalen is a leader in providing opportunities to explore alternative health and wellness and whose mission is to cultivate deep personal change and social transformation. 

She has also co-facilitated the Medicine & Horsemanship class at the Stanford University School of Medicine – a course aimed at teaching medical students, physicians, and nurses about patient care, self-awareness of non-verbal behavior and approach, patient relations and patient satisfaction - all through their interactions with horses.  

marty, Psy.D.jpeg

Martha Monetti, Psy.D.  
Clinical and School Psychologist 
(PSY 13985)

Dr. Martha Monetti is a licensed clinical Psychologist, and Certified School Psychologist with extensive experience working with children, families and adults in a variety of settings. She fell in love with horses later in life and now is bringing her passion for them to her professional practice. Dr. Monetti has special interest in incorporating Eagala based curriculums into university training programs.

Julia Caruana
Equine Specialist & Herd Manager


Julia is an Eagala certified Equine Specialist and also serves as the San Francisco Bay area Networking Coordinator for Eagala. She has a special interest in equine assisted learning programs for college students to aid in adjustment and support during their college experience. Julia is the Equine Manager at Change Your Lead. She is tasked with helping keep the herd healthy and happy. Julia graduated with a Psychology major from Sonoma State, where she completed an internship at Change Your Lead. While attending Sonoma State, she also competed on the Equestrian Team.  

Our Horses


Our horses come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. This diversity provides a range of options to match with our clients’ needs. We strive to employ rescue horses and horses who can no longer participate in their previous jobs to give them a safe and healthy environment. We are also very fortunate to work with wonderful horses through our partners at other bay area therapeutic riding programs.

We are thankful for them all!