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In recent years, many people have inquired about EAP/EAL and requested our guidance and advice for entering this important field of work. Therefore, we have decided to develop a series of video courses. These courses will be helpful resources for anyone interested in equine assisted therapy. Stay tuned!


Videos offered


Introduction to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

  • How EAP is different from other modalities involving horses, such as therapeutic riding

  • How EAP works

  • How EAP can enhance your clinical practice

  • Things to consider if you are seeking EAP services for yourself or a loved one


The Nuts and Bolts: Considerations for Setting Up in the Field

  • Starting your own program

  • Choosing your team -Mental Health Specialist, Equine Specialist, and Horses

  • Choosing a venue

  • Partnering with others

  • Using your areas of strengths/scope of practice

  • Pricing your sessions


Mental Health 101 for Horse People

  • Tips for entering the field

  • Resources to review

  • Ethical and legal considerations

  • Importance of privacy and confidentiality

  • Differences from your role in the horsemanship field

  • Importance of self-awareness

  • Supporting the therapeutic process

Coming Soon!